Virtual Theory

Our Virtual Theory is a collaborative Advanced Diabetic Foot Care Nursing Skills program. This online theory six week course is delivered with Business Foot Print and TiredSole™ hosting the Clinical Application portion which runs over four consecutive days. ( Thursday – Sunday ) usually the 3rd week in every month.

Course Aim and Outcome:

As our population continues to grow and age, the demand for knowledgeable Advanced and Diabetic Foot Care will continue to be highly sought after. Using evidence-based theory, Canadian Associations Foot Care Nurses Competencies and current best practice guidelines, students will explore key principles and concepts necessary to function as a Foot Care Nurse in either private practice, a health care team or within an agency. Case studies, group discussions, return demonstrations and clinical practice, allow students to apply their newly acquired foot care skills with confidence.

Upon successful completion of this collaborative Advanced and Diabetic Foot Care program students will be awarded a certificate of completion (Business Foot Print™ 2 of 2 )

Total Course Hours : 138hrs ( On Line 95hrs /Clinical 38hrs )

OUR Online ( Virtual ) Comprehensive Theory meets the STANDARDS set out in the CAFCN published National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care.

Each course is designed to provide ease of access and use so you have a great learning experience. Here are some of the features:

Responsive design: the content is available on any device you have that connects to the internet (note the limitation on the interactive elements)

Progress: you can easily monitor your activity through the Progress Bar and quickly jump to activities that are not yet completed.

Varied Learning Activities: Courses contain a variety of learning material so that you engage different senses in your learning. It is not read, read, read, read…..

Practical exercises: You will complete research and assessments that will prepare you for the clinical session.

Self-assessment with immediate feedback: Quizzes are provided regularly to allow you to assess your knowledge. Upon a completion of a quiz, you receive a variety of feedback on your answers and overall result.

Technical support: If you have any technical issues you can email us and you’ll get a timely response.

APPLICANTS will Obtain :

knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of the lower limb.

Identify and address factors that impact functionality and mobility of the lower limb and foot.

Understand the implications of biomechanics as it relates to mobility and health of the lower limb.

Explain the principles of infection prevention and control as they relate to foot care practice, instruments and equipment.

Have knowledge of the safe use, care and maintenance of critical and non-critical instruments.

Understand the profound effects of diabetes mellitus on lower limb health. Identify the components of a comprehensive diabetic lower limb health assessment.

Have knowledge of therapeutic psychosocial interventions. 

Easy to use online tutorials, contact info for tech assistance, seamless merging though sections and a guided tour of the site all included. Get your grades and progress reports live as well as an open forum to speak with others presently taking the course.

12 Modules and no textbook needed so NO textbook cost to cover. Self directed, be sure to finish on time for your chosen clinical date

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Follow some easy steps to begin your Advanced Diabetic Foot Care Course. Once payment is received, you will be registered through Business Foot print and will receive your access code to begin your new Journey into foot care. Please read through our Q & A section for additional info on any pre requisites needed to begin.

Don’t forget you can apply for the education initiative through RPNAO for up to a $1500.00 reimbursement when you have completed this course.