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How To Apply / How much is tuition?

Tuition includes the cost of our on-line Virtual Theory Program, and Hands-On Clinical Application. Payments for both parts are due upon enrollment. In the event the student is unable to complete the full program within the required time, you may be eligible for a 2 month course extension for an additional fee. ( $200.00 deferred payment fee ).

Once your information is received and payment made, you will have access to the on-line theory within one hour. Make sure to select the ‘Ontario’ site. Please select the hands on clinical application date you intend to register for at the same time payment is made. Virtual on line Theory must be completed within a 6-8 week time frame in order to be eligible for the practical portion of the program.


FULL COURSE : Virtual Theory and Hands on clinical Application fees are $3,500.00 plus tax ( please see refund Policy before committing to program).

Don’t forget you can apply for the education initiative through RPNAO for a reimbursement up to $1,500.00 upon completion of the course.

1 Day skills brush up / In Clinic Application : $850.00 includes 1 days of skills training with the rest of the class . Apply to be eligible to join new Foot Care nurses to refresh and gain new skills and knowledge on up-to-date practices and regulations in Ontario. Volunteers will be scheduled for a full day of practicum to apply your newly acquired skills. ( must bring own consent forms and instruments that have been sterilized for use on our volunteers.) For a fee we can autoclave for you !

Please ensure that this clinical and its venue is appropriate for you prior to sending any funds. All funds received are non-refundable.  We highly recommend you send any questions you may have or communicate with our administrative support staff if you have any concerns prior to beginning your  Clinical application with Business FootPrint ™ (613-823-3668) .

What is included in the tuition?

Tuition includes 4 days of hands-on Clinical Application and access to our on-line Theory portion of the course. You will have access to guest speakers who are top talents in their field; including Accountants, Suppliers, experienced Foot Care Nurses, Pedorthists and Chiropodists (subject to availability).  1/2 day of shadowing with one of our experienced Nurses. Once you have completed this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.  

You will work with volunteers with various foot ailments to perfect your skills. A full day ( 8-10 patients) will be assigned for our volunteers and students to obtain sufficient hands-on application of each instrument . Each appointment will be an hour in length and clinics will run from 0900-1600 hours. During the hour appointment with the volunteer, the student will gain knowledge of documentation required for nursing foot care practice including; patient consent, nursing foot care plan, policies and procedures, auditing and privacy legislation.

Each student will be supplied with Nippers during hands-on training allowing the student to become accustomed to them prior to purchasing own tools. You will gain knowledge on the safe use, care and maintenance of an ultrasonic cleaner and autoclave units.

Once Payment is made Students will have the option of being paired with an Advanced Diabetic Foot Care Nurse for a 1/2 day mentorship in one of these locations:

Clinic visits in LTC facility or Independent Living Communities 

Seniors Centre Clinics ( offered on specific days only )

Clinic setting at TiredSole™

Home Visits ( upon Patients approval)


Not Included In Tuition


We have PPE packages available for the hands-on portion of clinical at a cost of $600.00. Nippers will be provided for your convenience and then sterilized by each student. Each student needs to cover their own PPE supplies and Rotary tool ( for human use ).

Our Kits are received at a special rate. Kits Include :

Rotary Tool for Human Use

Disposable Sanding disks 

Mandrel bit ( for disks )

Disposable Gloves  ( please state size when ordering )

Disposable Gowns 

N95 Flat fold Masks  ( if available post covid )

Disposable Nail Files 

Alcohol Swabs

Monofilament – disposable 20/Pk 

Each package is shipped to the clinical location for Pick up 

Passing Grade


Students must meet all learning outcomes including the elements of performance and exit competencies.  Evaluation is continuous and will be updated regularly. This course emphasizes professional accountability through resourceful and self-directed learning requiring minimal assistance from the facilitator.

Separate elements of performances are listed for each of the assignments, consisting of a minimum set of skills and knowledge required to facilitate foot care nurse education competently. Skills and knowledge will be evaluated during the practical sessions by the student, and Lead Educator. 

It is mandatory that students complete all practicum. Students are responsible for arranging and scheduling attendance to 100% of the clinical application. There will be an automatic fail should any student attend clinical late.

A student may be removed from the practicum at the discretion of the clinical instructor if the student’s behaviour is deemed unsafe or unethical.  Whether a student is permitted to return will be discussed by the Lead Educator.

Should you wish to withdraw from the program, please note that any tuition instalments received are non-refundable, as activities and expenses are incurred from the date of receipt. Subject to approval by the program coordinator, you may re-apply to the next available program (space permitting) and may be subject to a fee deferral cost on a future program.

CAFCN Competency

As part of Business Foot Print’s ongoing continuous improvements, we may make revisions to our course outline and curriculum based on current Drafts and final competency documents developed by CAFCN.

Draft- 7 Broad Competency Categories (released in October 2015 by CAFCN)

  1. Knowledge-based Practice Theory & Application
  2. Quality Practice
  3. Advocacy
  4. Risk Assessment & Health promotion
  5. Professional Communication & Relationships
  6. Coordination & Collaboration
  7. Ethical Practice


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