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Welcome to our Foot Care Course for Nurses. Take a week and look into our Introduction to Foot Care with our Free Sampler course.
No matter where you are living, we believe we have created the most comprehensive online Foot Care Nursing Course available. Check out the Sampler course, we selected a variety of activities that demonstrate the different learning elements of a complete course. You’ll have one week to complete the content of this sampler course. Get the feel of how easy it is to guide through each section. Contact info on site if you have any questions. No text book is needed for our online Theory. Registration is open, get it done – hands on clinical to follow in January
We hope that you enjoy this sampler. Register for full course whether directly with Business Foot Print™. This theoretical knowledge when combined with a hands-on clinical session is all that you need to start on your career as a Foot Care Nurse. ( payment options available )

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June 13th- 16th 2019 ( FULL)

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20/20 Dates

February 20th – 23rd 20/20 (FULL)

April 16th – 19th 2020 ( FULL)


September 24th-27th 2020 ( 1 spot left )

Virtual On Line Theory needs 6 weeks to complete prior to picking a clinical date for our Hands on clinical ( start the theory anytime, look for the closest clinical date 6 weeks from your on line start date part of the theory section of our program) for more information Email :