Covid Vaccines and who is eligible

Details from a CBC News report on Wednesday’s press conference _______________________________________

An online portal for booking appointments for COVID-19 vaccines in Ontario is set to launch on March 15, the head of the province’s immunization task force said Wednesday, but it will likely be months longer before many people are able to get a reservation.

The announcement from retired general Rick Hillier comes as members of the general public in both Alberta and Quebec will be able to start booking appointments this week.

Hillier said the delay in launching Ontario’s version is because the focus until that point will be on populations that don’t require an appointment, such as patient-facing health-care workers and essential caregivers for long-term care residents.

“I would have liked to have it earlier, quite frankly,” Hillier told reporters, adding that health authorities are working “furiously” to test the system.

When the online portal, along with a telephone booking system, launch in March, Ontarians aged 80 and over will be the next priority. Hillier cautioned that anyone who is not in that age group, or who is not trying to make a reservation for a person in the 80-plus age group, will not be able to book an appointment in the weeks that follow.

Officials expect to begin vaccinating people 80 years and over by the third week of March. 

The proposed schedule in the following weeks, Hillier said, will look something like this as long as supplies of vaccine stay steady:

  • April 15: vaccinations begin for people 75 years old and over.
  • May 1: vaccinations begin for people 70 years old and over.
  • June 1: vaccinations begin for people 65 years and over.
  • July 1: vaccinations begin for people 60 years and over.

Essential workers, meanwhile, should begin getting their shots the first week in May, Hillier said, with the final decision about who qualifies in that category still to come from cabinet.

Hillier wouldn’t say when those 60 years old and under who are not essential workers should expect to start getting shots. 

He also did not provide even a rough timeline for when people under 60 with underlying medical conditions or those living in higher-risk neighbourhoods might expect to be given a first dose of vaccine.

Hillier did say, however, that where Ontarians can expect to get a shot will be based on their postal code. They will be delivered through a combination of mass vaccination clinics, pharmacies and smaller clinics staffed by primary care provider.

Health officials on the province’s vaccine task force recently said that all of Ontario’s 34 public health units have developed individual plans to distribute and administer COVID-19 vaccines in the coming months. The plans were all submitted to the task force for approval

February Clinical COMPLETED –

WE had the best time this clinical, lot’s of laughs and hands on skills. We are keeping the groups small to allow for more one on one hands on classes. With the attempt to have the smaller classes, we have been able to drop the days of clinical from 6 days to 4 days. We are able to fill up 25 volunteer spots ( as before) but not longer do the students have to pair up in teams with each volunteer, they now are able to preform the assessments and care individually with a seasoned Foot Care Nurse at their side for comfort and piece of mind.

My amazing Team of Advanced Diabetic Foot Care Nurses have agreed too help shadow each Student prior to starting clinical. This means one on one information sessions the field that has helped ease the stress of the students and given them more confidence going into the program. TiredSole™ absorbs the cost of the shadowing so no extra fee’s will be added to the student. For a limited time we have had PPE supplies kit included in the total cost of the program, this has a value of $650.00. This Kit has everything you need post clinical

I want to give a huge shout out to my team and the volunteers for the great success of this program. Of course to Cathy at CPC and Dr Evan Lewis for always being available to FaceTiming with us. We have some amazing Nurses who now call themselves Advanced Diabetic Foot care Nurses.

I am so proud of what we have built as a team and what it is we stand for. It’s about supporting each other and not about the cash flow. It’s about working together on what we are all passionate about. We want to be able to help each other succeed together.

2020 starting off with a BANG

I wanted to give a shout to everyone who has and continued to support me it this crazy venture of mine.  Truth be told, I really had no clue what I was getting myself into. I had a thought that I needed to do something, I needed to help speak up for the many who didn’t have a voice. Our senior population get sold too on a daily basis, they get scammed because of their age and maybe their ignorance of all that’s new in this century. The world has changed and so have the people in it. Working as a community Nurse you see so much, I found that the trust patients hand over to me was incredible and overwhelming at times. What if I couldn’t help them ? It would eat at me ( job hazard ) I saw the raw need for education and proper care for the feet and lower limbs. I had no one to turn to at that time in my career so I found a way to help.

It’s been a wild 5 years and we see 2000 plus people a month, we seem to have a steady stream of 110 new patients on top of the 2000 visits  monthly. We see children, seniors and abled adults seeking help for various issues. My team is incredible ! I can’t stress that enough! I’m nothing, we are nothing without them. I mean come on, I ask if admin can sit and have lunch with me, or Diane to sit have a coffee with me and the answer I always get is No, it’s to busy I’m sorry I can’t ~ what ? who does that ? My team, that’s who. TiredSole™ and this team are dedicated to the patients and to TiredSole™, my baby is their baby. The 10 Nurses, man I can’t even begin with these Nurses of ours, They don’t pee or eat or stop during the days they work. Even when they are off they are checking in and following up. These are caregivers you want tending to you. I’m blessed for sure. SO as I digressed, thank you again for believing in me and my team of amazing humans.

Advanced Diabetic Foot Care Nurse in Clinic Position

Job Description

  • Provide client care by utilizing the skills of observation, assessment, nursing diagnosis, counselling and health teaching.
  • Provide care according to the established care plan; care must be within the scope of practice of a Registered Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse.
  • Provide care in accordance with the standards in the CAFCN National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care document (Education to meet this requirement can be provided)
  • Observe and document client conditions and changes following proper standards
  • Participate in ongoing internal and/or external continuing education activities.
  • Understand and implement infection prevention practices while specifically adhering to care standards as it relates to foot care and diabetic foot care.
  • Maintain and update your own scheduled according to availability
  • Must be comfortable with LTC and Memory Care clientele
  • Requirements:
  • Current Registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario
  • Foot Care Certificate with hands on training completed
  • Professional Liability Insurance (RPNAO, RNAO or equivalent)
  • Must have own at least 6-10 sets (including podiatry drill – no Dremel )
  • Must have own reliable transportation (vehicle)
  • Must have access and ability to use a smartphone/computer/tablet
  • Must have vulnerable sector check and updated TB test

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $30.00 to $60.00 /hour ( per person pay )

Apply to with approx. number of days available Contact # 613-440-3338

Immediate opening for Tuesday and Thursday Evening 2-7 and Q other Saturday 09-2pm

My heart is shattered

The Loss of an amazing Nurse

It’s taken a bit of time to let the news settle, little by little the large amount of people affected by the loss of this great woman are slowly trying to move on and deal with their everyday normalities. It’s been weeks since we lost my dear friend Sandi to a head on collision near Revelstoke in BC. Sandi and her husband Paul who was behind the wheel, both lost their lives in a fraction of a second. Paul’s brother was in the car directly behind and had to witness it all. Both Sandi and Paul leave behind 3 boys who I just can’t image the loss they feel and will always feel. My heart aches for them, I think it always will.

Sandi was a huge presence, sweet, kind and say it like it is kinda gal. Totally one of my persons hahah. We used to always laugh because it was 7ish years ago that I started her addiction too Starbucks. Her face was hilarious 😆 that first sip in Kingston, she was most definitely in love with this coffee. We met at the Educators course in Kingston, her from BC and Tannis RN FCN Ed ( they became joined at the hip )

We had continued to stay in touch and when my partnership ended with Foot Care Kingston, we started a whole new friendship of collaboration and dedication to Advanced Diabetic Foot Care. We were able to learn from each other and stand together to help make this practice the best it could be. Sandi and Tannis have the most amazing up to date on line theory for Nurses who want to specialize in Advanced Diabetic Foot Care. These ladies worked timeless on changes, glossaries and step by step online instructions for a guided tour of the programme. It would blow your mind the dedication. I am so humbled to have been part of it. Their passion and excitement of what was to come was palpable and was / is going to be great.

Sandi RN FCN

Tannis and Sandi had just finished the changes to the program to allow us from the East Coast be able to hit on our scope of practice. BC has limitations for RPN’s so this had to be addressed. This dynamic duo were on the Education board of the CAFCN and President and Vice President of a group that helped BC Nurses in Foot Care collaborate on current issues. These ladies are Rock Stars. They taught with Vancouver Community College, Simon Fraser University and Comosun College in Victoria, this is how popular the Theory portion of our course is.

As I try and make piece with this tragic accident, Tannis is left without a partner. What will happen to this ever-growing program ? All I know for sure is that I will work my butt off too help keep Sandi’s vision alive. We will all help hold Tannis up and give her the support and direction as possible.

Please do not stress the small stuff, enjoy life and hug your loved ones – in a fraction of a second it could end.

RIP my beautiful friend, we will never ever forget you ❤️

Another Successful Clinical

June 2019 Hands On Clinical Finished and sent off some amazing Nurses into their new field of Advanced Diabetic Foot Care

A quick shout out to my Team off Nurses who graciously took the time with each student to mentor them in the field ! It slows a Nurse down to teach and educate properly SOOOO thanks very much Alysha, Lori, Becky, Keri as the feedback was amazing. Cathy from CPC gave us some of her time, she of course is so busy fielding questions from new Nurses, she came on line to answer even more questions from our students on best practises and commonly used bits and burs. Alex Whyte from Barrhaven Foot Care our local Chiropodist came out on a Sunday am no less hahah to speak about what his role is and when to refer.

We started off our 4 day clinical with introductions, it’s amazing to hear all the different backgrounds and how each Nurse has chosen very different pathes of Nursing. Always amazes me. We spoke in depth on why each of us has chosen the specialized field of Advanced Diabetic Foot Care, these reasons end up being very similar. The Need !


We got right to hands on learning, moved around and kept sooo busy. Absolutely a whirl wind of information thrown at each student all at once. Very overwhelming is the common terminology used (heheheh) but swear by day 4, it all comes together. It totally did for these ladies. Our Hands on Volunteers all showed up but 1 Grrrr but it happens all too often in the world of Foot Care so you might as well see it for what it is. Unpredictable and flexible is what it is.

I have to say, this has been my smallest class and now that we have decided to cut it off at 5 students, it made for easier and smoother dialog between each Nurse and it allowed for more camaraderie then I thought possible, these students will always stay in touch, i’m sure off it.

OH, we also had past Nurses from our clinical come talk about where Foot Care has taken them.

Was it all that they thought it would be ? Where are they now type questions. Phewwww I did my job well and they all are immersed in the best career ever.

Are You are a Nurse from what ever background in Nursing? Do you need a change? Foot Care is honestly ( oddly enough) the best most satisfying job ever. To have people come in with pain and leave not limping is the best feeling I swear !

Sign up now to add some flavour to your Nursing Career

Over and Out till next time

Business 2.0 weekend

Total Success

How much info is too much info ?

WE Call it Business FootPrint 2.0

In the over seven years that I have been teaching and mentoring nurses from all nursing specialties, I often witness the same principal regarding the profession; many nursing professionals are not business administrators. The majority I have had the privilege to teach have very little background in Accounting and Administrative practices. As Health Care professionals, nurses chart in a specific charting format pursuant to where they are working and even in this electronic age, some charting is not completed electronically yet. There is a knowledge gap which includes knowing the basics of owning your own business .

Do nurses know about tracking expenses ?

Do nurses know the benefits of being an Entrepreneur ?

Do Nurses know the legal obligations of being a Sole Proprietor ?

Today, the industry is seeing more Health Care professionals with different skill-sets looking to break free from the shift work model and Hospital / Agency restrictions. Support Staff are making a move to private care. We are seeing nurses transitioning to physicians’ practices or small clinics in an effort to go back to providing patients with hands-on care. This was my motivation for becoming a Foot Care Nurse. Even though I loved my job as a wound care nurse in a community setting, I actually worked under guidelines implemented by various contract stakeholders and felt the need to reconnect with client care. 


My name is Lisa and I have over twenty-five years experience in the nursing field including acute care, geriatric, memory care, home care as well as Director of Care of a long term care facility. From these experiences I have taken best practices, and examined what did not work in my field to develop what I do now. To what I do best! TiredSole™ is my Baby and it has grown!! The need was there and the desire for nurses to manage their own careers has joined forces to make TiredSole™ the BEST Foot Care company in the City! 


Many nurses we interview are looking for a more rewarding career with greater autonomy but are intimidated by the fact that many positions are CONTRACT POSITIONS. Business Footprint 2.0 will teach you the benefits of becoming a Sole Proprietor. We will take the fear out of managing your own career by teaching you how to arrange your schedules, and introduce you to the many taxable benefits of self employment such as vehicle, gasoline, insurance and office expenses. 

Knowledge is Power!

I am offering this amazing 2 day course to help myself as well as other Sole Proprietors in the Health Care field. You will benefit from my partnership with a knowledgable Accountant to start us off, and will continue the education with a business guru who will help transition you to think like a Business Ownerwith Branding and Marketing strategies.

Guaranteed to start you up on the right FOOT!

Please respond to if interested in our May 18th and 19th session held from 0900-1700 hours. Class size is limited to 10 individuals at a cost of $350.00 for the weekend.  Book On Line .

Day 1 and 2 include but not limited to : 
Overview of Sole Proprietorship
To incorporate or not to incorporate
Setting up a Business Plan (interactive) step by step- 
(Tablet or Laptop required)
Best Practices for receipt and invoice management 
Amazing demonstrations of new applications and test links for free trials