Hanging with the Toe Bro Talking Fungus

Fungal Treatments ( what he does )

Incredibly informative www.thetoebro.com

How to Treat, there are not many ways !
JUST 4 Options

4 Ways to Treat are :

Topical / Laser / Oral / Surgical Removal

The decision is very case specific and a different treatment plan based on the amount of nail affected, thickness of the nail, # of nails affected and how long they have been affected.

Jonathan is such a sweet guy, super caring and super knowledgable

Hands on Clinical Application SAMPLE Line up

During the clinical application students will have the opportunity to  

  • Observe and perform hands on care on Volunteers and various patients with various foot and nail conditions. 
  • Charting 
  • Instrumentation selection 
  • Podiatric drill training
  • Debridement techniques of various skin and nail conditions (use of scalpel, ect.)
  • Nail bracing and various padding techniques 
  • Attain skills to recognize and manage the high risk foot
  • Attain skills to handle the psycho-social effects of Alzheimer’s/Dementia patients needing Advanced Diabetic Foot Care Foot Care ( Pain management, aggression and anxiety) – Abbey Pain Scale
  • Infection control,  prevention and process of instruments using ultrasonic cleaner, autoclave and biological indicators.
  • Gain skills to perform Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI) testing. Using a Doppler unit, students will perform ABIs to screen for PAD and determine patient suitability for compression therapy.
  • Product selection and supplies
  • Guest Speakers in the field of Foot Care
  • One on one shadowing with an experienced Advanced Diabetic Foot Care nurse ( no extra fee )
  • Difference between venous and arterial wounds in the lower limbs
  • PPE Package hand picked by TiredSole™ Team ( what we use most of )
  • Nursing edicate when entering a new LTC or residential facility

Business 2.0 Agenda

Our Amazing 2 day line up / Business Footprint 2.0

Business Planning

Every new business needs to start with a plan.

Create an interactive 3 Year business plan

*(will need laptop or Ipad)

Business Structure

What is the best business structure for your business

Sole Proprietor, Partnership or Corporation.

We will discuss different business structures and the pro’s and cons of each.

When is the best time to Incorporate

Moving from a Sole Proprietor to a Corporation

The when, why and how of business growth

Business Naming and Registration

We will take a look at the fine print of naming a business

How to navigate the process of business registration and legislation

Receipt & Important Document Management

Easy to implement systems and processes for receipt management

How to set up an audit friendly Bookkeeping System

Deep dive into choosing an audit friendly bookkeeping system

We will take a deep dive into Quickbooks products

Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks self employed

Interactive, hands on training. (Will need laptop or Ipad)

How to Minimize Tax Liability & Maximize Deductions

What is an allowable tax deduction in your business as a sole proprietor

Business Use of Home

How to get the most out of your business use of home deduction

Business Use of Vehicle

What is an allowable vehicle expense in your business and how to track mileage effectively

Best Practices and Compliance

Rules and Regulations of a sole proprietor

Staying compliant with CRA and HST explained in detail

(Book on line) to reserve your spot before it fills up ! May 18th and 18th 2019

Testimonials :o)

Mony Chhoeung recommends Business Foot Print

I was lucky to attend Part 2 Clinical component of my foot care course with Lisa and her team. They were incredible and provided students with amazing support and knowledge to build upon. Great experience with Tiredsole who created a comfortable, fun and engaging learning environment! Would highly recommend to other RNs/RPNs who wish to advance their careers.

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Mark Terrance  recommends Business FootPrint.

26 February Very genuine, caring and enthusiastic care given by all. Highly recommend this service to anyone needing footcare!

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Keri Rousson  recommends Business FootPrint.

25 February  · I did my clinical with Lisa and couldn’t have had a better teacher. Love how hands on she is and down to earth! Can’t wait for more educational opportunities with her!

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Leonard Eric Laing III  recommends Business FootPrint.

26 February · Lisa Garland . I just returned from my cousins home in Rigaud Quebec. She has been a foot care Nurse for 20 years. She let me work on her feet. She told me I must have had great training as she was very happy with the care she received. As good as she would give to her clients. Thank you Lisa and the Tiredsole team for preparing me for excellence. OXOXOXO

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Chris Thorburn Wallace  recommends Business FootPrint.

25 February  ·  was very fortunate to happen upon Lisa and her Team at TiredSole when I took the clinical portion of my Advanced and Diabetic Foot Care. Not only are the clinic and staff incredible, but it is crystal clear when you walk through the door, that Lisa understands how to start, grow and maintain a tremendously successful business. So excited to hear about Business FootPrint !
I highly recommend that you check it out … I’ll be taking advantage of any educational opportunities that I can. Congrats !!!

Business and Accounting

WE Call it Business FootPrints 2.0

In the 7 plus years I have been teaching and mentoring Nurses from all positions of Nursing, I always come to the same conclusion WE ARE NURSES not Business Admin. Nurses have very little background in Accounting and or administrative duties, Health Care professionals chart on a Healthcare specific charting format, in most cases paper charts, even in this day in age.

What do Nurses know about expenses?

What do Nurses know about being an Entrepreneur ?

Do Nurses know anything about being a Sole Proprietor ?

More and More we are seeing Health care professionals with all types of experience decide they want to break free from shift work and Hospital / Agency politics. Support Staff are going off to help with private care, Nurses leaving to work for Dr’s Offices or small self made clinics to better assist patients without the looming rath of CCAC. I mean it’s why I became a Foot Care Nurse. I felt, even though I loved my job as a wound care Nurse, I loved the community aspect of the freedom to move as I please, BUT I actually worked on strict guidelines put forth by CCAC. As incredibly helpful as CCAC is, at times we just did not agree.

I have decades of experience as a nurse. Acute care, geriatric, Memory care, home care, D.O.C., geeez the list goes on. I took all that worked and all that didn’t work and applied it to what I do now. TiredSole™, My Baby wow has it grown in 4 years, 1/2 Million dollars grown, I mean wow.

Every Nurse we interview, the terror in most when we say THIS IS A CONTRACTED POSITION. It’s not so scary when your off on your own, making your own schedules, writing off your car, your gas, rooms in your home, even some get a ways ( 2 a year I believe ).

Knowledge is Power Right ?

I’m offering this amazing 2 day course to help myself as well as anyone in the position of being in charge of their own finances, all the Health Care Sole proprietors out there. I have teamed up with an amazing Accountant to start us off and then will continue follow up with a business guru to help with pushing you to think like a Business with branding and Marketing

Guaranteed to start you up on the right FOOT hahha

Please respond to buisnessfootprint@gmail.com if your interested in May 18th and 19th 09-5pm limited to 10 spots $350 for the weekend Book On Line

Day 1 and 2 included but not limited to : Overview of a Sole Proprietor, To incorp or not to incorp. Setting up a Business plan ( interactive ) will go step by step ~ ipad or lap top required, How to register your business if needed. Best Practices for receipt and invoice management. ( amazing demo’s of new apps and test link for free trials )

Business Foot Print 2.0

Health Care professionals or any new Sole Proprietor


Stay Tuned for Clinical Dates

Coming Soon, Dates will be posted as we prepare for our hands on clinical at TiredSole™ I’m Thinking September would be a great time to start as others are preparing to go to school themselves. Thoughts?

It will take approx 6 to 8 weeks to complete the Virtual on line theory and a Keener can actually get it done in 4 weeks if necessary. This way the Virtual Theory will go live in July for hands on in September. Does anyone have a need for it to be earlier ?

Finding a Job in Foot Care

So Many People so little time ……. !

Everybody seems to think the need is not abundant, I mean most people have 2 feet, Diabetic related issues are on the rise, Senior Centres and communities are in great need of Nurses properly trained with high standards in infection control. Pharmacy and Nurses who work in Community are in high demand. As more of the population age and they are unable to find proper supports in the home, more and more issues with feet have become alarmingly high. There are so many opportunities with agencies or what about making your own schedule on your own time !

Imagine that, no one telling you what to do, no deadlines, no time specific urgencies